I have never used Grants.gov and I am feeling overwhelmed about where to start. How do I register to receive funding announcements?

To get started with Grants.gov, you will first need to register for a Grants.gov account. There are several different types of Grants.gov accounts based on your role within your organization. This video walks new users through the different types of registration options and the steps to complete registration. If you prefer written instructions, you can find the Grants.gov online user guide here.

Once you are registered for a Grants.gov account, you can search for funding announcements of interest to you.  This video walks you through how to use the search feature of Grants.gov.

Are you interested in additional information about how to use Grants.gov?  The Grants.gov YouTube Channel has over 50 up-to-date videos that; walk users through the steps to search for opportunities on Grants.gov, create a workspace, add applicant team members to the workspace, complete application forms, and various other assistance tools. Most videos are under three minutes.