Overdose Data to Action in States

Federal Funding Agency:

Centers of Disease Control

Applicant Eligibility:

State health departments (SHDs), including the District of Columbia, or their bona fide agents.

Due Date:

May 08, 2023 by 11:59 pm ET

Funding Amount:

Up to $7,000,000

Agency Solicitation:

The Overdose Data to Action in States (OD2A‐S) funding opportunity will be open to all state health departments (SHDs) (includes the District of Columbia) or their bona fide agents. The goal of this funding opportunity is to track nonfatal and fatal overdoses and emerging threats and support SHDs in preventing non‐fatal and fatal overdoses. It will accomplish this through the promotion of overdose surveillance strategies and evidence‐based and promising interventions that have an immediate impact on reducing morbidity and mortality associated with overdoses, with a primary focus on opioids, stimulants, and polysubstance use (if addressed in combination with opioids and stimulants). OD2A‐S will emphasize health equity, and strategies will be underpinned by a data‐to‐action framework that aims to expand and strengthen overdose surveillance efforts of SHDs and their use of these and other data to drive prevention strategies and policies. This funding opportunity builds off the work and gains made through previous overdose surveillance and prevention investments supporting state health departments.