Electronic Service Protection Order Court Pilot

Federal Funding Agency:

Office on Violence Against Women

Applicant Eligibility:

State courts, territorial courts, or tribal courts

Due Date:

Grants.gov: 11:59 PM Eastern Time (ET) on June 10, 2024
JustGrants: 8:59 PM ET on June 12, 2024

Funding Amount:

Up to $1,500,000

Agency Solicitation:

The Electronic Service Protection Order Court Pilot supports efforts to develop and implement programs for properly and legally serving protection orders through electronic communication methods. The program requires the Department of Justice to award grants to state or tribal courts that are a part of a multidisciplinary partnership that includes, to the extent practicable, a state, tribal, or local law enforcement agency; a state, tribal, or local prosecutor’s office; a victim service provider or state or tribal domestic violence coalition; a provider of culturally specific services; a nonprofit program or government agency with demonstrated experience in providing legal assistance or legal advice to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault; the bar association of the state or tribe; the state or tribal association of court clerks; a state, tribal, or local association of criminal defense attorneys; at least two individuals with experience in design and management of court case management systems; at least two state or tribal court judges with expertise in domestic violence and issuing protective orders; and a judge assigned to the criminal docket of the state or tribal court.