When collecting data for the grants to write this coming year, what are the best practices to consider?

Below are some useful guidelines to follow as you collect and present data in a grant application:

  • If you are preparing a local or regional application, your application should provide local or regional data as well as some state-level data to provide context.  Local applications should not rely solely on state-level data.
  • Use a combination of raw numbers AND percentages when presenting your data. Using percentages helps the reviewers put your raw numbers in context.
  • The majority of your data should come from reputable sources such as government agencies, national associations, or peer-reviewed journals.  However, it is okay to conduct your own surveys to gather information when there is no other source.
  • Your data should be no more than three years old if possible.
  • Unless otherwise required in the application, two to three paragraphs of your strongest data points is sufficient to demonstrate need.
  • Consider presenting some of your data in a table to break up the information into manageable pieces and maintain the reader’s interest.