What is important to know about letters of support when writing federal grants?

Often, federal solicitations do not provide much information about the requirements related to letters of support.  Below are some tips that may be applied when there are no specific directions.

  • Letters should be addressed to the current Director of the applicable Federal agency. The signed letters should be included as a single electronic attachment – there is no need to mail a copy of the letter(s).
  • If you are including letters of support from project partners, the letters should explain each partner agency’s anticipated role in the proposed project. Some Federal agencies also require that the letter state the percent of time partner agencies will contribute to the project. Make sure you read the instructions carefully for any requirements of this nature. 
  • Unless otherwise articulated as not allowable, a single letter of support signed by multiple agencies is an acceptable alternative to multiple letters.
  • Letters of support from your Congressional delegation are welcomed and present an excellent opportunity for you to educate key public officials about your proposed project. However, these letters do not impact your application’s score and do not factor into decision-making.